Data Scope

the telescope in internet search

“What are iconic images for "anger" in Chinese, Russian & Brazilian culture?”

“Which people are known for similar reasons that Ghandi is known for?”

“Which websites names at least three experts in psychology?”

Some example questions Data Scope based search engines can answer.

Searching with a telescope

In traditional online search you enter more and more words to get to the answer of your question. This is like zooming in with a magnifying glass to get a single piece of information you need.

However sometimes you want to get an overview of information that exists. For such overviews you'll need to combine results from dozens of different sources.

Data Scope is a toolbox to build search engines that do this kind of tedious searching for you. These search engines scan the horizon like a telescope, giving you the overview you need.

Telescopic Search Examples

People Suggestions

Tired about hearing from famous people you don't want to know? Enter your hero's name into People Suggestions to get to know people you may be interested in.

City Celebrities

Ever wondered which famous people lived in your neighborhood? Find out by having a look at City Celebrities.

Telescopic Search Engines

Data Scope brings answers to complex questions close by. It was build with the new media art sector in mind. To provide people with information they did not even realize was there. However any kind of knowledge worker may benefit from such custom search engines. It will lessen their work to find relevant information.

How It Works

Data Scope is a way for a programmer to easily create remixes of online information. Most online content is available as an information source. By making information mashups you create new information sources that combine existing ones. This information can be displayed on desktops, tablets or phones.

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